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Harry Turton Noguera

My name is Harry Andres Turton Noguera, native of Guatemala and grew up in El Salvador. I am an artist focused on the game and entertainment industry. As a child, I developed an affiliation with the concept of video games and cinematographic for entertainment purpose. I loved the idea of having a unique and original idea and making it real. Even more, being able to provoke feelings and a reaction that would “take the gamer or audience to another world”. As many kids, I dreamed to be part of something bigger than the player I wanted to be part of the core team of any of those Triple A games that make part of my childhood so grate; I followed my dream and became a Game Artist.

Today as a game artist I focus my career on the 3D Character, Creature and Prop design, integrated with 2d/3d texturing. The creation process of an idea can lead you to unlimited boundaries, when creating a character or creature you develop a story within a world. Then, making your own story alive reflected on the models, adding life with each detail, color and texture. Being able to combine storytelling, 3D character & world design in order to make it alive is quite inspirational, which is what I love to do. I create an entertainment product that would cause reactions and feelings to the audience as when I was a kid.

Working on the game industry requires to be able to communicate and work along your team in order to present a professional result. Personally, I am a Detail seeker and I love professionalism. Hard working makes great results but this cannot be possible without the correct environment within your team. As a member of a company I am able to provide positive, professional and communication features.

Today, I am ready to be part of big ideas projects and companies and to find my way into the industry, seeking opportunities and bringing positive addition into companies.

What is The Gamer Box?

The Gamer Box emerged as a representation concept. Creating a logo and image for myself rather than only displaying a name. This brand speaks and contains all the personal projects affiliated to myself and bigger teams that I had work with. As a concept The Gamer Box design purpose is to make the audience be able to recognize an artistic characterization of Harry Turton. In addition, the logo was created with the idea to be customer friendly, creative, exiting, intriguing and simple, in order to develop interest in the brand.

The Gamer box logo has been designed with some level of detail that would compose the overall concept. The idea of a box that would be “contained” by all the work, experiences, and projects that I have lived. However, the box is sealed not only for simplicity but for creativity of the viewer to be questioned “what’s inside?”. The box has some game features, making it playable and “funny” of course this represents my affiliation with the game industry. Finally, the colors are meant to be exciting and vibrant, transmitting positive reactions; the separation of them creates an “H” on the left face of the box meaning the initial for Harry Turton.

The Gamer Box is more than a simple brand, is a characterization of the artist


As an international professional I have a lot of experience with different cultures. I developed a love of exploration of new cultures, places and languages. Making it easy to travel and adapt from a place to another. With an open mind, I have been in a position to study on different countries and take the best from each one. Sometimes I like to put some “details” from other cultures on my work. An important skill that I developed with the international aspect, is being able to speak in different languages currently I am bilingual with Spanish and English.



Studies & Experience


January 2016 - December 2019

    Cerificated Diploma (March 2009 - December 2014)

      Certificated Diploma (March 2015 - December 2015)

        A 6 month course focused on the learning process trough digital painting applied to environment, character and props.

        Certificated Diploma (March 2015 - December 2015)

          A 6 month course focused on the making off a character trough 2D design, 3D Modeling and clay sculpting with in storytelling.

          Head of Enviroment Design – Project Digital Art Forge (Comic-con 2016)

          Rocky Mountain College Of Art and Design. 1600 Pierce St. Denver Co. 80214

          A Virtual Reality Comic App within 3D/2D animation and storytelling. Started at  RMCAD Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. presented at 2016 Comic-con. As the Head of Environment Design i was in charge of the prototyping and design of the environment along my team


          Comic and video game creators from Lakewood share their vision at Comic Con – Colorado Community Media


          Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design’s virtual comic book team – Colorado Community Media


          RMCAD students blend virtual reality with Comic Con





          Adobe Photoshop CC
          Adobe Illustrator CC

          As a Designer I am able to do:

          • 3D/2D Texturing

          • Conceptual Art

          • Creature Design

          • Logos & Portfolios

          3D Desing

          Autodesk MAYA
          ZBrush 4R7

          As a 3D Designer I am able to do:

          • 3D Modelingt

          • 3D Sculpting

          • UV Texture Mapping

          • Rendering

          • Animation

          • Rigging

          Production & Others

          Adobe Premiere Pro CC
          Adobe Audition CC

          As an artist my work presentation is accomplish by other programs used for:

          • Video for Posproduction

          • Auio for Posproduction

          • Web Design





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